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  Why SIMMS Software?

More and more companies, large and small, are switching to Hosted Inventory systems or Cloud computing. Hosting eliminates new major hardware costs and gives a customer access to software they couldn’t normally afford at a reasonable flat monthly fee.

The main advantages of hosting are:

Conserve Capital

Hosted services allow small and mid size companies to have access to an IT infrastructure that they normally can’t afford. Hardware, bandwidth and Networking are additional hidden costs.

Our Hosted services give you access to high caliber hardware and software that is usually out of the price range for smaller companies. As your users access our hosted system there is no need to purchase an expensive server and server software. You can use your existing hardware as work stations and your existing Internet connections.

Reduce IT Costs 

Hardware, Server software and networking are becoming more complex with each passing year. As a company grows it hits a certain point where their IT infrastructure costs will soar. 

With hosting, if a server blows up then it is our problem. We take care of backups, service paks and upgrades eliminating the need for an in house IT employee.


What happens if you close a deal and you have to expand rapidly? For most this means new or more hardware, more expensive Internet connections and new IT personnel. Aside from the cost factor, it will take time.

With SIMMS Hosted all you have to do is increase your user count. You can add new users instantly.


Systems need to be updated and require regular maintenance on a constant basis. When this isn’t done then security becomes collateral damage. Security software is also expensive.

We use Citrix for several reasons. The main one is security. Citrix is considered the Cadillac of Internet security. Citrix is expensive, costly to implement and cost-prohibitive for most companies. As soon as a User connects into our servers they are on a secure connection.


Even though SIMMS runs on Windows with Citrix you don’t need to replace your MAC computers as they can access our Hosted service. Also, Citrix maximizes bandwidth and provides for a more stable connection.


What is included?

- Secure 24/7 Citrix access to our feature rich SIMMS Inventory-Accounting software.  
- Includes all modules listed on EXCEPT Authorize, eStore and DHL Modules.
- Your data is backed up daily, weekly and monthly
- Redundant carriers
- Bandwidth Included

Month to Month

$175.00 per month per User. Initial set up fees an additional $175.00 per user

1+ Year Term

$150.00 per User per month.
Volume discounts available on 5+ Users and length of Term

Online Training

$150.00 per hour
$135.00 per hour or $540.00 for 4 Hour Block
$125.00 per hour or $1000.00 for 8 hours
$115.00 per hour or $1840.00 for 16 hours

Online Training is usually done in ½ to 2 hour sessions. Customers can have up to 25 participants in a session. We usually teach a core of Key Users. Type and amount of training required depends on the customer’s situation.

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