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When you invest in SIMMS, you've made a wise decision. SIMMS is a powerful and convenient Inventory Management solution that expands as your business grows. Make sure you maximize your investment by renewing your annual Support Plan


SIMMS Software Features

Finally an ERP software solution you can depend on.


Manage your manufacturing operation to peak performance with our SIMMS ERP software solution


SIMMS Software's ERP software solution provides complete integration across your enterprise to deliver real-time inventory management, BOM management, manufacturing, sales and accounting information and much more.

You'll gain more efficient operations, shorter time-to-market, more accurate forecasts, and your organization will work better as a team to provide top-notch customer service.

Whether your business is just starting out, already emerging or rapidly growing SIMMS software is the only ERP solution that makes sense.


SIMMS Inventory Software



SIMMS Inventory Software



SIMMS Inventory Software

Gain early advantage with KCSI's affordable SIMMS ERP software solution for startups.

Put ERP to work for you right from the beginning and gain a tremendous long-term return on your investment.

With SIMMS ERP Software you get a completely integrated Inventory Management , Accounting and Finance, BOM Management and Manufacturing software solution that doesn't require an additional round of funding.

Discover affordable ERP Software

Get on the fast track with KCSI's affordable SIMMS ERP software solution for emerging companies.

Successfully controlling operations while driving exponential growth is the core strength of SIMMS Software's manageable set of business tools.

We help you navigate the early stages of expansion without unnecessary expense or complication.


Set a Course for Success

Watch your profitably grow with KCSI's scalable SIMMS ERP software for high-growth manufacturers.

Growing into international markets and complex supply chain relationships requires advanced tools.

SIMMS Software delivers a practical ERP solution that helps you keep costs low and margins high while you drive your organization to the top.


Watch your Profitably Grow


Manage Your Profitability

Enterprise-wide integration, combined with versatile reporting tools give you the power to run your business at peak performance. The SIMMS rock-solid ERP software solution keeps your organization well-grounded and profitable.