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Servicing Software - SIMMS Job Costing Software is a complete servicing management, costing, revenue recognition and control system.


SIMMS Software Features
SIMMS servicing Software  

SIMMS Servicing Software - Job Costing Software

A complete servicing management, job costing, revenue recognition and control system.

The SIMMS Servicing Software is a must have for any company doing any type of servicing work, from oil changes to aerospace machine shops you can now easily commit items and labor to a service job, modify the markups to provide you the most pricing flexibility possible.

This job costing software gives you complete control over commitment and change order management. Enter service orders and purchase orders directly into the SIMMS servicing module, easily track your receipts related to each service order then book them to the service orders in a snap.

Manage every step of the service order process, from pending, quoting through approval, to ensure change order profitability. Your project information is always up to date and real time.

Easily view information such as potential cost overruns, job progress, and booked materials thus far.

Servicing - Job Costing - Your Business Challenges

  • Track entire multi-legged projects including all estimates, work orders, purchase orders, invoices and key milestones
  • Provide real time information to fine tune estimates and improve gross margins
  • Comprehensive job costing and job billings
  • Minimal data entry required to achieve actual costing
  • Automatically adjust job costing as material prices fluctuate
  • Track actual costing by job for comparison to estimate and detailed costs
  • Easily book labour and material to service jobs
  • Integrated with Purchasing, Sales, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, GL and Inventory control
  • Improve the accuracy of the estimate process

Job Costing - Our Solution

  • Each cost is allocated to a job including inventory transfers, accounts payable invoices, product receipts and labour hours
  • Actual production cost information is captured
  • Actual cost summarized by cost group and compared to estimated costs
  • Easy control over Markups to give you more control over your profit margin
  • Ability to flag potential problem jobs during production
  • Inquiry options for customer and job information
  • Unlimited Job Costing Categories
  • Job Change order management system
  • Estimates, purchase orders, service orders and invoicing by Job
Booking Materials in SIMMS Servicing Module

Job Costing Reports

  • Detailed comparison report by job including actual, and estimated costs
  • Bill of materials
  • Percentage Complete Analysis by remaining hrs or actual to estimated
  • Summary job costing report by date range, job no and cost type and category
  • Capability to product a report showing detailed standard cost versus actual information on orders last run
  • On line WIP valuation
  • Work-in-Process report provides information tracking estimated costs to complete the job
  • Regular and Overtime hours by Job
  • Customizable Crystal Reports let you calculate and print information for analysis the way you want it..

SIMMS has simplified the tasks of booking time and materials to jobs. There's no guesswork involved when each job clearly shows profit and loss, with comparisons of estimate-to-actual and percentage of completion.

Estimated Costs in the SIMMS Servicing Module

Download the Servicing module brochure hereClick here to download the servicing / Job Costing Brochure