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When you invest in SIMMS, you've made a wise decision. SIMMS is a powerful and convenient Inventory Management solution that expands as your business grows. Make sure you maximize your investment by renewing your annual Support Plan


SIMMS Software Features

SIMMS Software solutions by Industry



Aerospace and defense industry companies are currently challenged to reduce costs and maximize operational performance. On top of this, the introduction of more stringent regulations and reporting requirements has produced increasingly complex inventory management needs for the aerospace industry.


If you run a typical automotive repair shop, inventory and labor are your two biggest costs. In order to increase profits it is imperative that you keep them under control. Automotive inventory software is a way of reducing both of these cost centers.

It is foolish to keep large quantities of inventory around your shop. Money that you have sunk into inventory should be used to increase your business and not just sit around. The best way reduce the amount of time parts are warehoused is to adopt just in time (JIT) inventory practices.


Construction and Contractors

SIMMS is fast becoming the leading Project Management and Construction Accounting and inventory software solution for contractors of all sizes in every trade.

Food and Beverags

KCSI helps food and beverage manufacturers solve their complex business problems with innovative technology solutions. We help companies thrive and grow by achieving their compliance, customer satisfaction, efficiency and profitability objectives.
Our innovative SIMMS software solution spans the enterprise, from manufacturing, financials and supply chain management to performance management and compliance.

Health Care

Keeping the right amount of inventory on-hand is vital for this specific field of business. In many cases, customers of the Health Care Industry require speedy delivery of life-saving inventory, and the inventory management features within SIMMS fit the bill. These features aid the Health Care Industry in producing the demands of the industry in addition to while giving them the resources they require to thrive in such highly competitive markets as medical, surgical and pharmaceutical supply.

High Tech and Electronics

Electronics OEMs, contract manufacturers and component suppliers need to rethink how they manage their supply chains. High-tech leaders are moving quickly to implement supply chain solutions that will reduce direct material costs, improve inventory management, shorten cycle times, and enhance customer responsiveness. SIMMS Software is enabling high-tech manufacturers to work collaboratively with suppliers to rapidly improve the efficiency of their supply chain operations. SRM solutions provide immediate value and enable high-tech companies to compete in a new dimension.

Industrial Equipment

With intricate supply chain structures, high-value inventory items, and ever-increasing product complexity demands from the marketplace, industrial equipment manufacturers are challenged with an environment that enables absolutely no room for error. Every operational inefficiency reflects directly against your bottom line.
SIMMS's fully integrated system delivers microscopic visibility into all factors of production up and down the supply chain so you can control your operation and guard against profitability leakage from inefficient practices.


Unlike other manufacturing software, the SIMMS Software manufacturing features were designed specifically for process manufacturing environments. By implementing this solution, you will be equipped with everything you need to coordinate your process manufacturing operation, including financial, Production, Materials/Inventory, Purchasing, Sales, BOM and more.

Metal Fabrication

SIMMS Software is an integrated software solution for metal fabricators in a make-to-order or make-to-stock environment. SIMMS Software provides tools that metal fabricators need to manage product and process consistency, streamline their quoting, order entry, inventory control, production, labor collection, shipping, invoicing processes, accounting, quality and costs to balance customer satisfaction and business objectives


Military branches around the world have filled their Inventory management requirements with SIMMS Inventory Software, improving their inventory control, with primary emphasis on accurate forecasting and tracking of service inventory requirements. By optimizing inventory levels, SIMMS Software helps to prevent equipment failures and improve readiness while reducing excess inventory costs.


The cost of physical distribution is the next big opportunity for reducing cost in the order to delivery (Cash) cycle after manufacturing.
The cost of physical distribution is often not transparent within an organization. SIMMS Software helps with this task.

Wholesale Distribution

Help your enterprise improve customer service, reduce costs, and improve the quality of decision-making. with SIMMS Inventory Software's inventory management and purchasing applications, distributors can minimize the amount of inventory they have on-hand and take advantage of advanced formulas to provide suggested purchasing recommendations. Powerful order processing and warehouse management capabilities help distributors build efficient and effective critical business processes to reduce costs, gain customer loyalty, and increase profits.

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