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SIMMS Inventory Management advanced features such as expiration date tracking in addition to automatic reordering capabilities eliminate the need for unnecessary and costly safety stock. With SIMMS Inventory Software you can set reorder points and generate purchase orders when you reach a certain quantity.


SIMMS Software Features

Do the following problems keep you up at night?

  • Food safety
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Food traceability
  • Product recall liability protection
  • Consistent product quality
  • Right-first-time objectives
  • Product line profitability
  • Pricing and trade promotional management
  • Optimized planning and inventory levels
  • Customer satisfaction and demands from your channel masters

Features found in SIMMS Software

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Manufacturers in the food and beverage industries face many unique challenges.  

Manufacturers in the food and beverage industries face many unique challenges.

The margin for error in today's highly competitive, increasingly regulated environment is razor thin. The ability to adapt quickly to changing conditions can mean the difference between success and failure. KCSI helps manufacturers address the unique challenges of the food and beverage industries. By providing solutions that help you achieve your compliance, customer satisfaction, efficiency and profitability goals, we help you predictably manage the obstacles and increase your business. SIMMS software is a key component in the complete enterprise software solution from KCSI.

In today's technology marketplace, you are faced with a daunting variety of choices that may or may not effectively address your needs. Compared to other options, KCSI offers the ideal enterprise solution for food and beverage manufacturers. Why? Because we are focused on addressing the unique needs of your industry, we are proven with many successful customers in your industry and we offer better, more cost-effective solutions.
Stringent cost accounting software  

We understand Your Food and Beverage Inventory Software Needs

Additionally, we are intensely focused on helping our customers address the current and future challenges of the food and beverage industries. We fully understand the evolving needs of your industries and we translate those needs into the current and future capabilities of our enterprise solutions.
Expert support, implementation, and training services  

Focus and Commitment to the Food and Beverage Industry

Because of our intense focus and commitment to your industry, SIMMS software has been developed to eliminate the risks and overhead costs that are inherent in generalized systems. For our customers, this means a higher probability of success, shorter time to payback and the flexibility needed to support growth and change. Additionally, SIMMS software utilizes the latest of technologies as the foundation for our enterprise solutions. Our customers benefit from a low cost-of-ownership over the life of the application, flexibility to support the varied needs of all constituents, and high adaptability to insulate the business from technology changes.
Inventory Control Software  

Food Safety

The present-day threats and potential costs associated with food safety have never been higher. Many companies seek to increase their control and in turn, minimize the risks. As the do they discover that many varied activities, both within an outside the organization, must be considered. Operations up and down the supply chain must all be addressed. SIMMS software provides a comprehensive solution that helps you monitor, track and control your critical internal and external activities. Capabilities in the areas of end-to-end traceability, specification management and change management provide all the control and predictability you need to detect and address exceptions early in your process. Then when potential issues are identified, you can quickly determine the underlying cause and make the necessary corrections.
Warranty and Service software  

Right the First Time

Most food and beverage manufacturers operate on relatively thin margins. With the added overhead of regulatory compliance, the need to minimize rework becomes critical. For most companies, small percentages of rework translate into significant cuts into profits. Executing right the first time is paramount to survival and growth. SIMMS software provides the advanced planning and tracking capabilities you need to ensure that errors are avoided. Yield planning and analysis capabilities allow you to establish standard benchmarks and identify out-of-tolerance conditions. When thresholds are exceeded, you receive early notifications so that problems can be corrected quickly while the impact can be minimized.

SIMMS Logistic Software  

Product Line Profitability

Can you accurately identify your most profitable product lines? This aspect is often critical for companies seeking to focus on their most valuable products and consider dropping their unprofitable products. To do so requires visibility into all material and production costs, including indirect costs or value resulting from co-products and by-products. Visibility is also needed into actual profits that account for promotional deductions such as rebates, discounts and adjustments to orders and payment terms.

SIMMS software provides the end-to-end visibility you need across purchasing, inventory management, manufacturing and sales to support your comprehensive cost and profit analysis. As well, support for actual costing exposes all material and operational costs. With co-product and by-product tracking, you can account for all down-stream costs and link benefits back to primary products. You can also link all costs from trade promotions and easily channel incentives back to finished goods to accurately determine the actual profit on each product sold.
SIMMS Financial Software  

Customer Satisfaction and Demands from Channel Masters

As global markets become more competitive, your customers continue to consolidate into larger companies and buyer leverage and service-level expectations continue to rise. The manufacturers that will thrive and grow in the food and beverage industries will increase their value and differentiate through tighter relationships and with exemplary service for their customers. SIMMS helps you address all the demands of your customers in a variety of areas including product quality, sales commitments, and customer service. SIMMS also helps to address issues such as product availability, make-to-order requests, and vendor managed inventory. With integrated capabilities in all of these areas, you can ensure that each customer receives the unique tailored services they value most while you maintain proactive 360 visibility to all activities that impact their experience. Ultimately, SIMMS can help you differentiate your company from the competition and increase your value to your customers.
Remain Competitive  

Remain Competitive

Precise inventory control is an essential part of the operation of a successful, well-organized company. Successful businesses require timely and accurate information on your receipts of goods, the movement of goods within or between locations, the sale, removal or other disposition of goods, and the precise valuation and status of goods remaining in inventory at any point in time. This includes all stock features including down to the bin status, color, size, style, lot numbers, serial numbers and expiration dates remaining in stock. SIMMS Inventory Management Program is designed to provide you with accurate information on all aspects of inventory to ensure you that the software tools are available to manage and control inventory in the most cost-effective manner possible.
Empower your business to grow with SIMMS Software  

Empower your business to grow

Inaccurate inventory counts can reduce sales and delay shipments past the promised date. Out-of-stock items and overstocked items in inventory can be devastating to a business. At the same time, an overstated or understated inventory valuation results in incorrectly reported profits within financial statements. SIMMS Inventory Management Program accurately tracks inventory so you need not worry about incorrect inventory counts and associated problems.
Achieve an edge over your competitors with SIMMS Inventory Software  

Achieve an Edge over Your Competitors

SIMMS can provide your company with an additional edge over competitors who are unable to access the same strategic information. Our software has been designed to accommodate the needs of both large and small businesses. SIMMS can give everyone in the company total control and access, depending on the permissions assigned to the user, all employees in the warehouse, at the office, behind the cash register, working from home, working from a remote location half way around the world, in a service truck, in front of a customer, at the loading/receiving dock, or even in transit from one location to another can have total control and access.
Easy to configure and customize  

Easy to Configure and Customize

SIMMS is easy for any user to configure and customize utilizing several user-defined fields available within the program. This eliminates the need to change lines of code at installation and translates into a reduction of implementation time. It also eliminates the possibility of bugs being added inadvertently. Now there is finally the option of giving any business all the help it will ever need in terms of complete inventory control. Your business can have that affordable yet powerful inventory management solution that you have always wanted.
Explore and see for yourself  

Explore and See for Yourself

Explore our website to learn more about SIMMS Inventory Management Program and download a free, fully-functional 15-day trial copy
contact us (604-504-7936) by phone or by e-mail ( so we can help you take the first steps towards the solution you have been seeking.  

Contact us (604-504-7936) by phone or by e-mail ( so we can help you take the first steps towards the solution you have been seeking.

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