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  Why SIMMS Software?

SIMMS Inventory Management advanced features such as expiration date tracking in addition to automatic reordering capabilities eliminate the need for unnecessary and costly safety stock. With SIMMS Inventory Software you can set reorder points and generate purchase orders when you reach a certain quantity.


SIMMS Software Features

Do the following problems keep you up at night?

  • Recall protection/risk mitigation
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Product and process quality control
  • Good medical filing practices
  • Accurate inventory management
  • Satisfying customer and vendor needs and demands
  • Increased costs and reduced margins

Features found in SIMMS Software

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Manage medications and Durable Medical Equipment (DME) with ease.  

Manage Medications and Durable Medical Equipment (DME) with Ease

For today's busy physician or medical practice office manager, keeping track of inventory is a critical task that can become a problematic chore if left unchecked. The SIMMS inventory control system helps you manage medications and Durable Medical Equipment (DME) with an easy-to-use window interface. With this software you can create point and audit reports at the click of a mouse, or if an audit is necessary, controlled substance tracking enables you to report clearly, fully and efficiently.
Biotechnology and pharmaceutical manufacturers face many unique challenges.  

SIMMS Helps Manufacturers Address the Unique Challenges of the Life Sciences Industries

Obstacles that stem from regulatory, revenue, channel and competitive pressures make it increasingly more difficult for companies to subsist, much less grow and prosper. Adapting quickly to changing conditions can mean the difference between survival and failure. SIMMS software helps manufacturers address the unique challenges of the life sciences industries. By providing solutions that help you implement Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), achieve increased efficiencies, profitability, customer satisfaction and compliance, we help you predictably manage the obstacles and increase your business. SIMMS software is unique to the life sciences industries because it focuses on your industry, with a proven track record that offers better solutions for your needs.
Expiration Date Tracking  

Expiration Date Tracking

SIMMS Expiration Date Tracking system tracks an unlimited amount of expiration dates from the time they are received into inventory until the time they are issued. This information is permanently recorded in the system, allowing inventory control personnel access to a wealth of historical and validation information. The information maintained by the Expiration Date Tracking system is extremely helpful in the flow of inventory items that can expire, such as life saving medications.
SIMMS Software helps you monitor, track and control your critical resources including activities and materials.  

Recall Protection/Risk Mitigation

The present-day threats and potential costs associated with recalls have never been higher. A single recall can put you out of business. As companies seek to increase their control and in turn, minimize their risks, they discover that many varied activities both within and outside the organization must be considered. Operations up and down the supply chain must all be addressed. SIMMS helps you monitor, track and control your critical resources including activities and materials. Capabilities in the areas of end-to-end traceability provide flexibility to follow complete histories and audit trails, forward and backward, across the supply chain. Specification management and change management also provide the control and predictability to detect and address variability early in your process. When potential issues are identified, you can quickly determine the underlying cause and then make the necessary corrections and provide supporting documentation.
Increased costs and reduced margins  

Increased Costs and Reduced Margins

Growing revenue pressures compel life sciences companies to streamline production and distribution operations. Wringing costs out of these processes must be balanced with maintaining margins to support operations - especially cash-intensive operations like R&D. With visibility across all areas of the organization from finance to manufacturing, companies can begin to fully understand and address how certain practices impact margins and bottom-line profitability. SIMMS software provides the company-wide visibility through integrated information and capabilities to speed the flow of goods, eliminate waste due to costly shelf-life expirations and returns, and gain the efficiency necessary to meet product demand while keeping costs at a minimum. As an example, support for actual costing exposes all material and operation costs, including indirect costs or value resulting from co-products and by-products so you can better understand how margins are affected and to what degree.
Shortens time-to discovery, improves responsiveness  

Shortened Time-to Discovery Improves Responsiveness

The quicker and easier you see a problem coming, the faster you can respond to it. Customizable, pro-active system alerts and timely data access enable you to more rapidly-and therefore less expensively-discover inventory issues. Problems are remedied in minutes, instead of hours or days, giving you exactly the right inventory, in the right place, at the right time.
SIMMS Health Care inventory software was designed to be inexpensive and easy-to-use.  

Powerful Yet Easy to Use

SIMMS Health Care inventory software was designed to be inexpensive and easy-to-use—a sensible alternative to the more cumbersome and expensive systems. It performs all the advanced functions that small- to large-sized firms desire, yet its familiar Microsoft Windows interface makes SIMMS Health Care inventory software ideal for the non-technical user, running on the kinds of computers you probably already own. So there is no need to buy expensive hardware. Your Windows-based desktop PC (Pentium®) is the ideal machine.
Remain Competitive  

Increasing Competition Up and Downstream/Time-to-market

The intensity and diversity of the life sciences competitive landscape is unprecedented. For the biotechs, threats may originate from upstarts and generic drug makers. These unanticipated competitors challenge established R&D-driven companies to speed time-to-market deadlines so they can adequately recoup investments. Pharmacists face the emergence of buying groups and the expansion of HMOs. The trend toward business alliances including mergers and divestitures, partnerships and other cooperative ventures, constantly reshapes the landscape. This ongoing reorganization undermines traditional sales channels and increases pressure for cost cutting measures. SIMMS software enables biotechs and pharmacists to optimize product service and value, deliver high-quality products on time, meet customer and regulatory requirements, increase operational efficiencies throughout the enterprise, and embrace and leverage opportunities for business change. All of these areas are critical to compete effectively and continually increase your business as market demands shift and requirements change.
Inventory Control with SIMMS Software  

Inventory Control

Inventory Control automates the process of tracking parts by automatically adjusting inventory whenever you create a transaction involving a part. SIMMS enables you to easily track material and costs. You can also manage common and commingled inventory. The Material Planning window provides an in-depth netting evaluation of your complete supply and demand situation for your parts. The extensive reporting capabilities provide complete profiles of any part in the system. .
Achieve an edge over your competitors with SIMMS Inventory Software  

Achieve an Edge Over Your Competitors

SIMMS can provide companies with an additional edge over competitors who are unable to access the same strategic information. Our software has been designed to accommodate the needs of both large and small businesses. Depending on the permissions assigned to the user, all employees in the warehouse or at the office or behind the cash register or working from home or working from a remote location halfway around the world. Whether they are in a service truck, in front of a customer, at the loading/receiving dock, or even in transit from one location to another can all have total control and access.
Easy to configure and customize  

Easy to Configure and Customize

SIMMS is easy for any user to configure and customize through use of several user-defined fields available within the program. This eliminates the need to change lines of code at installation and translates into a reduction of implementation time. It also eliminates the possibility of bugs being added inadvertently. Now there is finally the option of giving any business all the help it will ever need in terms of complete inventory control. Your business can have that affordable yet powerful inventory management solution that you have always wanted.
Explore and see for yourself  

Explore and See for Yourself

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