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When you invest in SIMMS, you've made a wise decision. SIMMS is a powerful and convenient Inventory Management solution that expands as your business grows. Make sure you maximize your investment by renewing your annual Support Plan


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Partnership Opportunities with KCSI


Total Solutions for Every Need

A unique and very exciting opportunity awaits you: to meet the inventory control needs of customers in virtually any small and large-sized organization. At KCSI, we have developed an innovative, Inventory Control application suite that provides the insights to fulfill the inventory management requirements of almost any business. Quite simply, no other Inventory Control Software provider offers a broader range of all-encompassing inventory control solutions, and we invite you to join us.

Capitalize on Revenue-Building Opportunities at KCSI

With increasing demand for SIMMS Software, revenue opportunities for our channel partners have never been greater! Our combination of Inventory control products, technology, training and support is unmatched by other inventory management application developers. Furthermore, we have the muscle and knowledge to maintain our rapid growth in the new e-business economy.

The Potential is Boundless

Many new companies worldwide select our products to run their businesses every day, many of whom may need to move to more powerful, sophisticated inventory control systems as their companies grow.

It's no wonder that KCSI channel partners can rely on increasing revenue opportunities from year to year.


Join the Finest Channel in the World

Rather than selling our products and services directly to customers, we focus on attracting top-quality business partners and then equip them with the tools and skills they need to be successful. Our partners benefit from products and support services, superior marketing programs, personalized sales support, lead-generation programs, and training. But, as a KCSI partner, your revenue-building options only begin with product sales. Our partners also generate substantial service revenues from support plans, consulting, implementation, training, customization and application development. We invite you to explore channel partner opportunities with KCSI. The possibilities and the future are yours to create.


KCSI provides the opportunities for successful selling. You can be assured we will give you the tools necessary to help you achieve your desired goals. At KCSI, our motto is Total and Complete Customer Satisfaction for Life.
KCSI's partner programs hinge on providing the knowledge you need to succeed, so you can win customers for life. Join the most competitive channel program offering Total Inventory management software—join KCSI!

Call us today at 604-504-7936 or e-mail us, and we will be happy to discuss your future as a channel partner of KCSI.

If you are interested in becoming a Regional Reseller or Reseller refer to our Global Agent - Regional Reseller map. Any area with an existing Regional Reseller may be contacted direct or through KCSI. Any area marked as KCSI is available on a Regional Reseller basis. If you are interested contact us or drop us an e-mail (include contact info, time zone and a convenient time range to contact you).