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  Why SIMMS Software?

SIMMS Inventory Management advanced features such as expiration date tracking in addition to automatic reordering capabilities eliminate the need for unnecessary and costly safety stock. With SIMMS Inventory Software you can set reorder points and generate purchase orders when you reach a certain quantity.


SIMMS Software Features

SIMMS Software teams up with .NET


Microsoft .Net working with SIMMS software

SIMMS Inventory Software is a Microsoft application! We are one of the few applications that are truly utilizing .NET technology through out the application!

SIMMS Software takes advantage of the Microsoft .NET services, which enables the development of user-centric applications and provides users with increased value, efficiency, ease-of-use, and the wonderful possibility of sharing information. The end-users are given access to a world of powerful, simplified, and consistent experiences across a variety of interfaces, from desktop computers to wireless devices.

.NET has simplified the connectivity between SIMMS Software and other applications tremendously. Our use of .NET in particular has given SIMMS a flexibility that was not possible in previous versions and offered additional integration possibilities. A flexibility that boasts of easy access to all your data in one location.

According to Microsoft," For the end user, connected applications provide a new level of convenience by enabling personalized access from a variety of client devices. .NET Services significantly enhances the value of mobile devices by enabling users to access the information they need while they are connected to the Internet. In addition, .NET Services enables applications, devices, Web sites, and Web services to work together more effectively. "  


SIMMS Software and its Database


Microsoft SQL Server: The enterprise relational database management and analysis system for SIMMS SoftwareSIMMS Inventory Software Teams up with SQL Server to turn information into opportunity. By building Business-to-Consumer, Business-to-Business web-services the high-performance SQL server simplifies the integration of back-end systems and transferring data through firewalls.

SIMMS Software 's backbone is the very powerful SQL database. We utilize SQL Express for Small to Medium sized businesses or SQL Server 2005 Standard / SQL Server 2005 Enterprise, which supports hundreds and thousands of users or tens of gigabytes of data. It also offers an enterprise class reliability along with dynamic backup-and-restore. It is the most popular relational database on Microsoft Windows. It also has significant new security enhancements, by not only offering the highest level of security available in the industry, but by also making it much easier to achieve that level.

A slew of businesses like Home Shopping Network, Lexis-Nexis etc. use this powerful database for their businesses. According to Microsoft, " SQL Server 2003 can give you over one million transactions."


SIMMS Software and Windows Mobile


Microsoft Windows Mobile for SIMMS SoftwareSIMMS Windows Mobile Module is compatible with almost any Windows Mobile 5 or Pocket PC 2003 device and offers a wireless-based inventory software Solution...

A powerful barcode solution, beginning with the implementation of the SIMMS Windows Mobile Module, streamlines your entire business process.

KCSI offers our customers kitted total solutions by combining software with the appropriate hardware for your application. With the SIMMS Windows Mobile module you can automate the essential functions of your organization to maximize your staff's time. Connect quickly with customer and vendor data, track your fixed assets, stockroom inventory, complete physical count adjustments, receive purchase orders and issue sales orders all remotely and effortlessly.


SIMMS Software Reporting


Crystal ReportsSIMMS Software incorporates Crystal Reports for Visual Studio .NET and brings to your business an industry standard that changes the way you interact with your data. SIMMS Software has custom designed reports using Crystal Reports, thus providing your business with unique criteria for analysis and decision making. Each report highlights the key components of your business data and provides you with a bird's eye view of the direction your business is heading.

Crystal Reports provides more data connectivity and control options. You can integrate Crystal Reports with your B2B or B2C applications via XML access or export. You can also process reports faster and use network resources more efficiently since Crystal Reports uses multi-threaded report processing capabilities. SIMMS Software users have the opportunity to export reports formatted the way they want. Export reports to popular formats, including:

  • XML
  • PDF
  • Excel
  • Word
  • RTF

XML and Web Services


The use of XML-an open standard managed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)-removes barriers to data sharing and software integration. XML makes it easy to exchange data, and our .NET software gives the users an ability to work with this data once it's received. The problems arising from Interoperability, integration, and application extensibility are difficult and expensive. Thus by using XML, SIMMS Software provides your business with a widely-embraced, open standard technology for data exchange and transformation, overcoming barriers to application and service interoperability and integration. Unlike Web sites, which are pictures of data designed to be viewed in a browser by a person, a Web service is designed to be accessed directly by another service or software application.