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How does a live casino work?

This mode of play of the live casino attracts more and more players. Halfway between the virtual casino and the “hard” casino, this new way of playing creates a unique gaming experience. Here is an overview of this new trend. What is a “live casino”? The live casino is a mixture of online casinos and […]

bingo 75

Bingo 75: a simple and exciting game

You’ve probably already played Bingo 80 and Bingo 90, now you want to know what the traditional Bingo 75 variant can do for you? Your curiosity is justified because Bingo 75 is the best known and one of the most appreciated of all the types of bingos you have played so far. The rules of […]

Complete bankroll management guide

Complete bankroll management guide

Many people get into betting games to win the prize pool. With each loss, the player feels the urge to play again in the hope of winning the next game. This desire to win the game at all costs leads most of the time to misuse money intended for the bet. Some people find themselves […]

gambling addiction

The development of a gambling addiction

Gambling addiction is a so-called behavioural pathology that doesn’t affect the physical structure of the human body but rather the person’s psychological balance. Addiction is pronounced when you have gone beyond the stage of simple gambling to breaking a person’s habits, and the person is still compelled to gamble despite the desire to stop. What […]