This mode of play of the live casino attracts more and more players. Halfway between the virtual casino and the “hard” casino, this new way of playing creates a unique gaming experience. Here is an overview of this new trend.

What is a “live casino”?

The live casino is a mixture of online casinos and “real” casinos. The principle? Gamblers play in front of the screen, in the same way as with a virtual casino, except that in front of the player, it is a real croupier who carries out the actions. Players view everything in streaming, and without time lag to avoid any suspicion of cheating.

The only precaution is to use an internet connection with a decent speed. This will avoid any “technical” problems. Note that most rooms will allow the gambler to play either via computer or via smartphone. In this case, make sure that the phone is compatible before starting playing.

As a player can imagine, not all games are available in a live casino. Forget about slot machines, for example. However, a player can make up for it with roulette, blackjack or baccarat.

As a bonus, each player can in some cases chat with other players and even the dealer thanks to the live chat. Something to spice up gamblers’ evenings!

What’s in it for the players?

female croupier

The live casino has a more “emotional” side than the online casino. Where only the actions of players’ opponents can usually give clues as to how they play, this mode of play allows everyone to add to the skillset.

In addition, this game has a reassuring side to it for some players, who would much rather leave the chance in the hands of a real dealer than a machine.

Finally, if the player doesn’t have a casino in the neighbourhood, this mode of play will allow to enjoy this pleasure without travelling dozens of kilometres.

Where to play?

First of all, a player should know that two variants of live casino exist.

The first possibility is to play in streaming from a casino in hard. The casino in question then transmits the video of the game live. Since casinos are located all over the world, gamblers can play at any time without worrying about opening and closing times. The second option is to play streaming games in a private gaming room. This is not a casino in the strict sense of the word, but a room certified by a recognized provider. The rules are the same, except that the “charm” of the casino is less present.